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Kearsten Wolin
Artistic Director 

(561) 762-2991

  Akademia Dance was originally established in Wellington, FL in 2011. Growing in Palm Beach County's dance community, the expansion to West Palm Beach's Downtown has proven to be exactly what the thriving city needs. Now named Studio 31, Kearsten Wolin offers dance classes, production space, photography and videography, and event planning services. 

  Graduating from Florida Atlantic University with a BAE in Secondary Social Science Education, Wolin is currently a Teacher at The Ideal School in Royal Palm Beach, FL. In addition, she is Co-Director of the Cardinal Newman High School's Dance Team with Mrs. Adeline Iscoe; Co-Director of District 561 Dance Company with Brien Pintos, Odinni Jones and Dominique Franklin; member of the South Fl. Fair Young Professionals Committee, and G-Star School of the Arts for Film, Animation and Performing Arts Alumni. 


  Kearsten Wolin is an evolving Hip Hop dancer, choreographer, instructor, performer, and director. An original member of Sean's Dance Factory in 2003, directed by Sean Green, Wolin has trained under prestigious dancers like Chris Grant (Beyoncé's Lead Choreographer) and Mikey Pesante (Dancer for Britney Spears, Rihanna and Becky G). She has formally taught classes at Sean's Dance Factory, Giselle's Dance Studio and Dance Theatre at Wellington and was a former member of Kenneth Fowler's Loud Live Production. 

  As an active member in the South Fl. Dance Community, she hosts numerous dance performances, showcases, competitions, and events. Furthermore, she competes with District 561 Dance Co. at events such as World of Dance. Her most recent work of dance was in last June: CROWN at the Norton Museum of Art in West Palm Beach. 

  Truly, the devotion found in Ms. Wolin's education and performance quality has helped shaped the lives of many of her students, whom have all grown to be more confident children and adults. With over 15 years in dance education and visual arts, her commitment to the stars have been to carry them down to you. 

Studio 31 is located in the Arts & Entertainment District of West Palm Beach, Florida.

As a popular local and tourist destination, Studio 31 is in a prime location, so close to Rosemary Square (formally Cityplace), Clematis St., the Intracoastal Waterway, and the Brightline Train. 

Public parking is available on all surrounding streets at any metered space (free daily after 7 PM and on Sundays). The nearest parking garage is located on Evernia St. and Dixie Hwy. 

Our Interstate I-95 Exit is FL-704; Okeechobee Blvd; Downtown

310 South Dixie Hwy, Suite 312, West Palm Beach, FL 33401

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